What Coronavirus can teach us ?

Around 10 years back I was discussing with my friends about job offers which I received at the time. I was unemployed and That was the time when world was coming out of recession. I was happy and hopeful. One of my friends said it was good that we saw these times. I was surprised with the statement. “We learned how to survive a situation”, he quoted. It made us learn that “How you can feed yourself or family in less salary and survive in hope of good times”. He quoted every crisis comes with opportunities and learning. You need to be ready and honest at that moment.

Coronavirus pandemic is again giving me same sense of feeling but this time problem is bigger then earlier ones and loss of life is worst. I know the comparison does not seem worthy but it has a little sense in it. Human survival is based on problems and their solutions. In last few decades we have witnessed striking number of epidemics caused by Viruses. Nipah, Bubonic Plague, Smallpox, HIV, Dengue and the list goes on. We have lived with these viruses side by side since very long time. Now this balance is not working properly. In terms of number of situations appeared in last few decades I can assure you, it’s just a start. We discovered medicines, Antibiotics and other ways to stop them, fight with them; These pathogens have also found the way how to conquer these preventive measures. But my concern does not stop here, how all of a sudden, we are exposed to deadly viruses that have been in hiding for thousands of years. I have read documents, theories and all of them are pointing to climate change and population. These factors are pushing the boundaries and unearthing new things for which our race is not ready. Governments, Organisations have not planned yet how to deal with these issues. These living organisms were frozen for thousands of years under large ice caps or hidden in the rain forests somewhere in Africa or Amazon, but because of growing population and their need, we are witnessing climate change rapidly as earlier which has changed the game. Ice is melting, forests are being cleared, temperature is keep going up, people are eating almost every possible animals, pollution is the worst. We are on the right path to kill the mother nature and this beautiful planet. Drought, earthquakes, jungle fires, floods and other natural disasters are very small to these tiny living viruses in terms of destruction. I can talk about this for hours and that will be not enough. We need to think and spend time as a community, state, nation or whatever you want, what is next ? We need to learn and try to get the balance back.

Now lets talk about the bright part in this ? No need to surprise, I will list few —

Many countries have taken draconian era measures of lockdown and advice to quarantine yourself at home. I see it’s a big very big problem but it comes with hidden chance of spending time with your family, spend time for your well being. Think how you can participate to be a better person for nature.

Countries have shutdown the industries for some time as a preventive measures. It is bad I agree, people will loose jobs, salary etc. But it is giving a chance to our planet to breathe. We have a big example of China where air pollution has drastically went down in recent months. Think about as a nation we raise this voice every year in forums, channels or events but nobody cared but now we can see the impact.

Majority of the companies will find a way to keep continue their work in case people are not in offices. This was required but companies were not serious. Now is the time when effort will be made, and Work from Home thing will get organised. The idea of going to office for work will lose charm for some days but it will provide opportunity to learn how we can do our job staying at places.

World is more connected then ever and it is helping this virus to spread more. Organisations, Governments and People will realise giving a break in this running life is also a good idea. Lockdown will happen, shutdown will happen. But at the end It will help nature, society and emotional well being of us as a person.

We need to work and think on our eating habits. I understand that growing population is putting burden on food options but it need to be checked and regulated by Governments.

I will not go on more on this. But if you sit, relax and think then you will always agree on statement. “Every crisis comes with great opportunity !”

We have to help nature otherwise she knows how to help herself which is always, not a very good thing !

Long Live and Prosper !

In quest of understanding How Systems Work !