Siebel Connection Broker(SCBroker), Siebel Request Broker(SRBroker) and Server Request Processor(SRProc)

Siebel Connection Broker(SCBroker)

SCBoker provides intraserver load balancing. Siebel Connection Broker accepts request from SWSE and makes a session with Application Object Manager through SISNAPI protocol. Once this connection is built, then SWSE sent all further request to AOM directly. Load balancing method — if it is “LL” then it will pass request to least loaded server and if it is defined as “RR” then it route to another server each one in round robin fashion.

Siebel Request Broker(SRBroker)

It processes Synchronous server requests(Request that needs to run immediately in which process wait for completion) from Siebel Server. If the Siebel Server requires a component for request (to complete) is not available on same machine it can route the request to other machines too. (Resilient Processing)

Server Request Processor(SRProc)

It processes Asynchronous server requests(Request that are submitted for later execution) When these request come, they are stored in S_SRM_REQUEST table. SRProc checks this table time to time. If request is eligible then then SRProc invokes SRBroker to work on this request.

For more info on these components refer Siebel BookSelf.

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In quest of understanding How Systems Work !