Password change for LDAP Sync Connector Account OIM — OID

If you want to change password for an account which is already in use for LDAPSync process then its not straight forward as it looks. In this post we will discuss the same.

LDAPSync is the process of automatically maintaining OIM users and roles in a LDAP identity store such as OID, OUD. Any User comes to OIM will finally propagate to target LDAP system via OIM Events. OIM utilises libOVD or OVD as the front interface to the LDAP server. By this way any event happened to a user in OIM will be supplied to LDAP system.

OIM needs to use a Proxy user to perform this operation on LDAP. If there is a requirement to change the password for this user then please follow the steps mentioned below –

Update the password for this user in OIM Sysadmin — IT Resource. Go to IT Resource and look for Directory Server resource type.

Once done modify the changes in libOVD adapter via wlst

Steps –


connect with weblogic credentials.

You can list the adapter via following command –

Find out the adapters details –


In this example I consider that we have used orcladmin for LDAPSync. Modify the values one by one.





Once done please take restart of complete environment.


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