How to change password for Schema in Oracle Identity Manager ?

If we want to change the password for all schema in existing OIM Environment then it may not be a straight forward task.

It require careful steps need to be taken or you might end up with inconsistent environment.

Steps are as follows –

  1. Update the password in data source tab of weblogic console for every data source. Don’t activate the changes immediately. First you update the same in database as well.
  2. Once done stop all managed servers only
  3. Now we need to perform modifyBootStrapCredential operation for OPSS Schema from wlst invoked from oracle_common/common/bin locationmodifyBootStrapCredential(jpsConfigFile=’<My_Domain>/config/domains/name/config/fmwconfig/jps-config.xml’, username=’TEST_OPSS’, password=’<Newpassword>’)
  4. Stop the Admin server now
  5. Start the Admin Server
  6. Update password in OIMAuthenticationProvider [In Weblogic Security Realm]
  7. Update password in domain security credential store, Login in em console go to security then credentials. Look for OIMSchemaPassword
  8. Stop the Admin Server again.
  9. Start complete environment.

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