Azure SQL Database Built-in Backups!

Azure SQL Database is a fully managed relational database solution. It provides built-in regional high availability and turnkey Geo-replication to any Azure region.

Lets talk about backups !

Basic, standard and premium databases are backed up automatically in Azure SQL Database.

These backups are retained for 7 days, 14 days, and 35 days respectively. Long-term backup retention enables you to keep the backups up to 10 years. This is in limited public preview for SQL Managed Instance.

Azure supports 2 restore capabilities.

  • Point in Time Restore allows a database to be restored to any point in time, up to the millisecond, within a database’s retention period.
  • Geo-Restore utilises a database’s latest geo-redundant backup to recover a database. This means a database can be recovered in the event of a regional outage with the 1 hour old geo-redundant backup.

More details can be found in following documents -

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