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What is Terraform Module?

Terraform Modules are the reusable blueprints of your infrastructure. By building modules you can logically break down the infrastructure components and wrap those logical parts into re-usable chunks of IaC.

Basically, any set of standard Terraform configuration files in a folder is a Terraform module. You can reuse these modules…

Azure Kubernetes Service Series

Azure | Kubernetes | DevOps | AppArmor | Security | Docker

What is AppArmor

AppArmor is a Linux Kernal Security Module which allows Sys admin to restrict programs access to certain resources defined in profiles. The security profile allows or disallows specific capabilities, such as network access or file rwx permissions etc.


Part 2: Istio | Canary | Python Flask | Kubernetes | DevOps

In the first article of this series, we deployed a dummy python flask-based application in the Kubernetes cluster to demonstrate Istio traffic control capabilities. We talked about Istio concepts briefly and deployed few addons for monitoring and visualization of mesh.

Istio’s ability to enforce policy in communication networks enables useful…

Tech Basics

Part 1: Istio | Microservice | Python Flask | Kubernetes | DevOps

In a cloud-native solution, the distributed nature of the services requires greater control over the flow of traffic between the services. A service mesh allows you to observe, traffic control, secure, manage and connect microservices. Istio is an implementation of a service mesh and comes with a lot of valuable…

Terraform Basics: Post 2

Infrastructure as Code | Terraform | Azure | Azure DevOps

In the previous post of this series, I covered the basic standard method to deploy cloud resources using Terraform. In this, post we will discover it using Azure DevOps.

What do you need to start?

  • Access to Azure Cloud Subscription
  • Azure DevOps

Please note I assume that you possess basic…

Terraform Basics: Post 1

Infrastructure as Code | Terraform | Azure

Infrastructure as Code

IaC allows developers to codify infrastructure in a way that makes provisioning automated, faster, and repeatable. It’s a key component of Agile and DevOps practices such as version control, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.

Terraform Introduction

HashiCorp Terraform is aopen-source tool that manages Infrastructure as Code and allows you to build, change…


Using Python MSAL Library to fetch Auth Token

In this post, we will explore Microsoft’s unified identity management solution. Microsoft Identity platform helps you to manage identities and facilitate authentication and authorization of applications by supporting industry-standard protocols both in cloud or on-premises. Digital transformation has pushed tremendous growth in recent years. This growth has caused identity diversification…


AWS Firecracker Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM)

Firecracker is a virtual machine monitor (VMM) that uses the Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) to create and manage microVMs!

What is VMM?

A VMM Virtual Machine Monitor also knows as Hypervisor is software that creates and runs virtual machines. …


Building Container Images in Kubernetes (Securely)

Google’s Kaniko project is designed to make container building easier on Kubernetes without giving access to docker daemon!


What is Cloud Native?

The term cloud native was first used by Bill Wilder in his book, Cloud Architecture Patterns. He mentioned, a cloud-native application is any application that was architected to take full advantage of cloud platforms.

As per Cloud Native Computing Foundation :

Cloud-native technologies empower organizations to build and run scalable…

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