Oracle 1z0–932 Notebook — Part 2

This post is to help those who are preparing for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2018 Architect Associate exam.This is part 2 of this notebook series. Please visit PART 1 as well for better understanding. In this part I will create a an Autonomous DB and DWH to see what options we have while creating these services in OCI. Please note All details collected from Oracle Documentation only.

Name of the service

Select what services you want to create accordingly. It can be DWH or ATP. You have one more option of deployment type available as well.

Credential to access the service

Same step we need to follow for creating Data warehouse.

So we have created one Autonomous DB and DWH.

Lets dig further for Autonomous Database

Autonomous service provides you scaling option for cores and storage both.

To connect to Autonomous Databases from a VCN, the VCN must be configured with one of the following gateways:

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The client credentials .zip that you download contains the following files:

  • cwallet.sso — Oracle auto-login wallet
  • ewallet.p12 — PKCS #12 wallet file associated with the auto-login wallet
  • sqlnet.ora — SQL*Net profile configuration file that includes the wallet location and TNSNAMES naming method
  • tnsnames.ora — SQL*Net configuration file that contains network service names mapped to connect descriptors for the local naming method
  • Java Key Store (JKS) files — Key store files for use with JDBC Thin Connections

To manage the database other options are available under actions and via service console.

Lets Access Service console -

Administration Options —

Set resource management rules -

Last option of Development will give you following option -

SQL Developer Web -

Autonomous Data Warehouse

In quest of understanding How Systems Work !

In quest of understanding How Systems Work !